Chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture

Private and business users

Remove impurities and allergens - deeply and thoroughly!

Your home deserves a perfect aesthetic impression, without impurities that impair the quality of the furniture. Chemical cleaning is the ideal solution for deep dirt removal, restoring your upholstered furniture to its original condition.

With dry cleaning, we not only restore freshness, but revive materials and colors, giving your furniture a completely new look. In addition to cleaning it, we also remove allergens and mites, thereby disinfecting the space where you live and sleep.

Chemical cleaning process

Professional tools and devices for the best results

We only use top quality dry cleaning products and KARCHER devices that are proven to be the best on the market. Our thorough cleaning process removes deep impurities from upholstered furniture, carpets, rugs and curtains, giving your space a new freshness.

If you have pets, all traces of hair, paws and mud will disappear in an instant! Dry cleaning is the most powerful solution to combat stubborn stains, giving your furniture a new chance to shine.

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